2 Noobs Fight to the Finish!


DBPokemoo's TEAM:

This is my first warstory! DBPokemoo and I will BOTH be writing Seperate comments for each section! My text will be in italics, DBPokemoo's will be in blue. I hope you all enjoy this battle!

Turn 1​
Bcdk97 sent out Scizor
DBPokemoo sent out Aerodactyl
Aerodactyl is exerting its Pressure

100%(I define OU) vs.
100%(How can I fly?)

Scizor, the SINGLE RAREST POKEMON in the OU metagame, leads my team. Surprisingly, my Scizor knows the move Bullet Punch, which is NEVER seen on Scizors in the OU metagame. Luckily it is super-effective, and fast as a... BULLET! (Bad Pun #1)

Hmm... A Scizor lead. I know its bullet punch will allow me to only make 1 move, so for now, I'll just set up rocks due to their importance on my team.

Scizor used Bullet Punch!
Its Super Effective!
Aerodactyl lost 99%
Aerodactyl hung on using his (cheap)Focus Sash!
Aerodactyl used Stealth Rock
Pointed stones float in the air around BCDK97's team's feet!

Turn 2​

100%(Using his hands as guns) vs.
1%(Holding on for dear life)

Ok, so I almost kill his Aerodactyl, but his Focus sash makes him strong as a... ROCK! (Bad Pun #2). I can now only use Bullet Punch. I think he's gonna switch out to something that can take a Bullet Punch, so I should probably switch too.

Aerodactyl took a HUGE beating just to set up his pretty little rocks. Aerodactyl can be useful to sacrifice later. Magnezone is the perfect Scizor counter! It traps Scizor, can take a Bullet Punch, and OHKOs with HP Fire. A perfect choice for the situation at hand.

DBPokemoo withdrew Aerodactyl.
DBPokemoo sent out Magnezone.
BCDK97 withdrew Scizor.
BCDK97 sent out Staraptor.
Pointed stones dug in to Staraptor.
Staraptor lost 25%.
Staraptor's Intimidate cuts Magnezone's attack.

Turn 3​

75% (Blames Stealth Rock for all of his problems) vs.
100% (How does it not levitate?)

A semi-flawless prediction. Scizor was saved from cruel and unusual punishment. Staraptor can also kill Magnezone with Close Combat! Sadly, my Staraptor is also Banded. I'll still go for it!.

DAMMIT! Scizor just escaped my grasp, then comes this friggin' bird. In fear of Close Combat, I will switch out to something that can take a hit.

DBPokemoo withdrew Magnezone.
DBPokemoo sent out Forretress.
Staraptor used Close Combat.
Critical Hit!
Forretress lost 80%
Staraptor's Defense and Sp. Defense were lowered.
Forretress' leftovers regained 6%

Turn 4​

75% (Ecstatic about the crit!) vs.
26% (Not so ecstatic)

WOW! I am just so dang lucky! That Forretress could have set up spikes, and now, there is no chance. Well, let us see how this play out.

DAMMIT! Critical hit makes it so that Forretress won't be able to help my sweeper accomplish its goal. Might as well switch to Uxie because Uxie takes those pesky Close Combats like Tackles.

DBPokemoo withdrew Forretress.
DBPokemoo sent out Uxie.
Staraptor used Close Combat.
Uxie lost 17%.
It's not very effective.
Staraptor's Defense and Sp. Defense were lowered.

Turn 5​

75% (Let trainer down) vs.
83% (Ready to wall!)

Well, Staraptor's Band makes this difficult. Of course I have no Choice (Bad Pun #3). I have to switch out to something that can hurt Uxie.

With Uxie I should probably set up Light Screen first because Uxie doesn't have Sp. Defense EVs. Then I should be able to set up Reflect.

BCDK97 withdrew Staraptor.
BCD97 Sent out Spiritomb.
Spiritomb is exerting its pressure.
Pointed stones dug into Spiritomb.
Spiritomb lost 13%
Uxie used Light Screen.
The team's Sp Defense was raised.
Spiritomb's leftovers regained 6%

Turn 6​

97% (Wonder Guard Please!) vs.
83% (Can wait here forever)

Well, now I'm pretty sure of his moveset. Dual Screen+Memento. Well, my Spiritomb is Mono-Attack, and can only use Dark Pulse, so Light Screen hurts. I'll survive though. He can't kill me with Uxie.

Spiritomb isn't offensive at all, so this is a great time to set up Reflect as he tries to set up, switches out, or inflicts some damage.

Uxie used Reflect.
The team's defense was raised.
Spiritomb used Dark Pulse.
Its super effective.
Uxie lost 20%
Spiritomb's leftovers regained 3%

Turn 7​

100% (Is REALLY ANGRY about light screen) vs.

Well, my Dark Pulses are doing just about nothing. My guess is, he'll Memento now, so I'll switch out, then switch back to Tomb.

I expect that he will predict a Memento, so he will probably switch to something Mento won't hurt. That's why I'll use Yawn to shuffle his team some more.

BCDK97 withdrew Spiritomb.
BCDK97 sent out Scizor.
Pointed rocks dug in to Scizor.
Scizor lost 13%
Uxie used Yawn.
Scizor became drowsy.

Turn 8​

87%(Feeling very tired) vs.

Well, I'll have to switch out Scizor, but there isn't anyone on my team who can easily take a Memento. Then, He will probably switch to a counter for the mentoed Pokemon. Luckily, Tomb has no counters!

I really need to Memento to get to my sweeper in with Dual Screens. I know he will probably switch his Scizor out, but if I don't get Linoone in soon, it won't be able to take any hits without screen support.

BCDK97 withdrew Scizor.
BCDK97 sentout Spiritomb.
Spiritomb is exerting its pressure.
Pointed rocks dug into Spiritomb.
Spiritomb lost 13%
Uxie used Memento.
Spiritomb's Attack and Sp Attack harshly fell.
Uxie Fainted.
Spiritomb's leftovers regained 6%
DBPokemoo sent out Linoone!

Turn 9​

97% (Not a fan of Mentos) vs.
100% (Uxie would be proud of him)

So this is his sweeper. I can be sure that it has the Belly Drum/Extremespeed set. With screens up, it's ability to take a hit is heightened extremely. Luckily, Extremespeed doesn't affect Tomb, so he'll have to use a non-STAB move.

It's time to get Linoone to start sweeping. Here goes nothing.

Linoone used Shadow Claw.
Spiritomb lost 15%
Spiritomb used Dark Pulse.
Linoone lost 4%
Spiritomb's leftovers regained 6%

Turn 10​

88% (More 4% Pulses on the way!) vs.
96% (Can learn GHOST moves now!)

I'm SHOCKED! he didn't drum. I'm gonna be careful and guess it was a misclick. I've just gotta keep on Pulsing, although they do sucky amounts of damage.

I honestly don't know what happened here. I might have misclicked or just gotten ahead of myself. Luckily he didn't switch, or else I would have been SCREWED! I need to Belly Drum NOW before its too late.

Linoone used Belly Drum.
Linoone cut its own HP in half and maxed out its attack!
Linoone lost 50%
Linoone's Salac Berry Raised its speed.
Spiritomb used Dark Pulse.
Linoone lost 4%
Spiritombs leftovers regained 6%

Turn 11​

94% (Having fun with his pulsing) vs.
42% (Is the Neil Pert of Pokemon)

I was right. It was a misclick. Sadly, now with Belly Drum, Tomb doesn't stand a GHOST of a chance (Bad Pun #4).

Now that I'm all set up, it's time to use this amazing attack stat to attempt to sweep. I know that Scizor might stop my sweep, but I can at least do some damage to Scizor and get rid of Tomb.

Linoone used Shadow Claw.
Spiritomb lost 57%
Spiritomb used Rest.
Spiritomb is now at full health.

Turn 12​

100% (Feels the relief) vs.
42% (Thinks BCDK is a Cheap-O)

Well, I'm being cheap, but it works! I wont kill his Linoone, but I stall out screens. Sleep Talk is also helpful for this situation. Let's see how this plays out.

He's trying to stall as much as possible with rest. It doesn't matter. Shadow Claw does more than half, and he can't rest every turn. He'll die soon.

Linoone used Shadow Claw.
Spiritomb lost 60%
Spiritomb used Sleep Talk.
Spiritomb used Dark Pulse.
Linoone lost 4%
Spiritomb's leftovers regained 6%
Light Screen Wore Off.

Turn 13​

46% (Stalled for one turn) vs.
38% (Hates Tomb stallers...)

Well, I did it! I stalled until Light Screen wore off, so Reflect will wear off now. I'll die, but I did my job.

Light Screen provided last protection from dark Pulse. He'll definitely die next turn, so here goes Shadow Claw!

Linoone Used Shadow Claw.
Spiritomb lost 46%
Spiritomb Fainted.
BCDK97 Sent out Scizor.
Pointed rocks dug in to Scizor.
Scizor lost 13%
Reflect Wore Off

Turn 14​

38% (Finally, he's gone)

Awesome! Scizor can take a solid Extremespeed, and can also KO with any of his moves right now. I'll Choose Superpower, cuz he'll probably send in Zone, and it's super effective. Scizor just might STEEL the game (Bad Pun #5)!

Linoone probably can't beat Scizor, but maybe with stealth rock, it might kill it. Usually, Magnezone takes care of Scizor, but Linoone will have to try.

Linoone used Extremespeed.
Scizor lost 62%
Scizor used Superpower.
Linoone lost 38%
Linoone fainted.
DBPokemoo sent out Magnezone.

Turn 15​

22%(I'm a survivor!) vs.
100% (My HUMONGOUS head has its own gravitational pull)

Well now that Linoone's out of the picture, I'll have to deal with Magnezone, as I expected. Well, I hope I'm faster!

Magnezone is Scarfed, so it should definitely be able to outspeed Scizor. I don't want to be locked into HP Fire, so I'll use a STAB Thunderbolt. Scizor won't survive it anyway.

Magnezone used Thunderbolt.
Scizor lost 22%
Scizor fainted.
BCDK97 sent out Staraptor.
Pointed stones dug into Staraptor.
Staraptor lost 25%
Staraptor’s Intimidate cut Magnezone’s attack.

Turn 16​

50% (Bird is equal to or greater than the word) vs.
100% (Does not love birds)

He knows I have Close Combat, so he'll probably switch out. I'll use a STAB Brave Bird. I hope that will do well.

Magnezone was successful at killing Scizor, but I think I'll play some Mind Games with my opponent. He'll expect me to switch, so I won't.

Staraptor used Brave Bird.
Magnezone lost 25%
Staraptor got hit with recoil.
Staraptor lost 6%
Magnezone used Thunderbolt.
Staraptor lost 44%
Staraptor fainted.
BCDK97 sent out Alakazam.
Pointed stones dug into Alakazam.
Alakazam lost 13%

Turn 17​

87% (Oh Oh Oh I’m Magic! You Know!) vs.
75% (Is Useless)

Perfect counter for Magnezone. If I'm faster, which is very possible, Magnezone will die. Sadly, I think he knows this. He will probably switch, so I should make a Substitute.

Magnezone can KO with Thunderbolt. As Alakazam is probably faster, it will most likely try to KO with Focus Blast. Thankfully Focus Blast has shaky accuracy. I'm hoping for hax here. He might expect a switch, so he might make a Substitute or try for a different attack. Magnezone can live with either.

Alakazam used Substitute.
Alakazam lost 25%
Magnezone used Thunderbolt.
Alakazam’s Substitute took damage for it.
Alakazam’s leftovers regained 6%

Turn 18​

68% (AbraKadabra...Alakazam!) vs.
75% (Is Still Useless)

And for my next trick, I'll make your Magnezone DISAPPEAR(Bad Pun #6)!

Same thing as last time. I've gotta hope for a miss or an incorrect prediction. If not, well, I'm dead.

Alakazam used Focus Blast.
Magnezone lost 75%
Its super effective.
Magnezone fainted.
DBPokemoo sent out Dugtrio.

Turn 19​

68% (Did his job!) vs.
100% (Thrice the Heads, Thrice the fun!)

Well, I doubt that I can outspeed a Dugtrio, but I'll go for another Focus Blast.

Oh well. I guess Magnezone wasn't very lucky today. Anyway, Dugtrio will easily kill Alakazam, and it can't escape!

Dugtrio used Earthquake.
Alakazam lost 68%
Alakazam fainted.
BCDK97 sent in Salamence.
Pointed stones dug into Salamence.
Salamence lost 25%
Salamence's Intimidate cut Dugtrio's Attack.

Turn 20​

75% (Yes, I know it's Uber, but this was a STANDARD battle) vs.
100% (Heads, I win, Tails, you lose)

Well, Alakazam did his job, he killed Magnezone. I know that Dugtrio will not be able to take an Outrage, but his other 2 Pokemon won't do so well either. An Aerodactyl with a Whopping 1 HP, and a low HP Forretress. My Salamence will kill do to its OUTRAGEOUS Attack stat (Bad Pun #7).

Dugtrio can't fight its way out of a paper bag under intimidate, plus being locked into earthquake makes it so I can't hit Mence. My guess is he'll use Outrage, so I have to hope that my Forretress can survive a hit.

DBPokemoo withdrew Dugtrio.
DBPokemoo sent out Forretress.
Salamence used Outrage.
Forretress lost 23%
It's not very effective.
Forretress' leftovers regained 6%

Turn 21​

75% (Salamence 4 Uberz. Oh, wait...) vs.
9% (Goodbye Cruel World)

Well, no doubt I'll kill Forretress. If he sends in Aerodactyl next, I will become confused. That could be a problem, but I'll live.

I'm gonna have to send in Aerodactyl so my Dugtrio has a chance to take it down in confusion.

Salamence used Outrage.
Forretress lost 9%
Forretress fainted.
DBPokemoo sent out Aerodactyl.

Turn 22​

75% (Killing EVERYTHING!) vs.
1% (Can still survive AT LEAST 1 STAB Outrage with Attack invested EVs)

Predictable turn. I beat him, he sends out Dugtrio, I get confused. It will definitely go that way.

Aerodactyl did his job. I planed to sacrifice him, and I did. He will get confused, and I just might win.

Salamence used Outrage.
Aerodactyl lost 1%
Aerodactyl fainted.
DBPokemoo sent in Dugtrio.
Salamence became confused due to fatigue.

Turn 23​

75% (Aaaah Doi?) vs.
100% (Three BIG smiles)

I look to Jesus, and I pray. I say "Please Mr. Dr. Prof. Christ, don't let him hit himself in confusion." That's all I can do.

Dugtrio, here's your chance to do something. If Salamence hits himself, you can kill him. As for his last Pokemon, we can only hope that it is weak to Stone Edge.

Salamence is confused.
It hurt itself in its confusion.
Salamence lost 19%
Dugtrio used Stone Edge.
Salamence lost 56%
Salamence fainted.
BCDK97 sent out Porygon-Z.
Porygon-Z's Download raised its Sp. Attack.
Pointed rocks dug into Porygon-Z.
Porygon-Z lost 13%

Turn 24​

87% (Well, I'll most likely die...) vs.
100% (One last chance to win)

Well, it seems as if Jesus laughed and walked away. With Mence gone, I still have a chance and Porygon-Z can definitely kill Dugtrio with Ice Beam, but the real question is, can he take a Stone Edge.

Dugtrio got his miracle. He smashed his way through Salamence, which most Dugtrios never get to do. Now I don't feel like using a damage calculator because that would ruin the suspense. Dugtrio doesn't get STAB from Stone Edge, so the only thing it can get is a Critical Hit, as it has a high Critical Hit ratio. Hopefully the Crit won't be needed, but I doubt it. All I can do is PRAY that it can kill Porygon-Z.

Dugtrio used Stone Edge.
Porygon-Z lost 59%
Porygon-Z used Ice Beam.
Dugtrio lost 100%
Dugtrio fainted.


Well, that was a good battle. It had a suspenseful ending and some mistakes made by both players. I had a lot of fun, and I love making these Warstories. I can't wait to make my next one! Thank you all for reading. Don't be afraid to comment and give constructive criticism. As this is my very first Warstory, I don't expect it to be flawless. Thank you.

Dugtrio failed me, but to be honest, I was expecting this. Overall this was a really fun battle. My opponent was great at predicting, but he also made some really bad ones. The same could be said for myself.

-Staraptor for Critical Hitting Forretress for extreme damage.
-Magnezone for killing Scizor and for outpredicting Staraptor to its death.
-Dugtrio for revenge killing Alakazam and taking out Salamence.
-Porygon-Z for not appearing until the last turn when he won the game.
-Aerodactyl for setting up Stealth Rock and making taking one for the team.
-Alakazam for not missing with Focus Blast.
-Linoone for not Belly Drumming the first turn it came out.
-Linoone for barely sweeping a thing.
-Uxie for only using memento only to lower Tomb's Attack.
-Staraptor for mispredicting against Magnezone.
-Magnezone for not trapping Scizor in the beginning before Linoones "sweep."
-Forretress for not doing the only thing it's good at, setting up spikes.
-Salamence for hurting itself in confusion.

BCDk97's MVP
Porygon-Z is MVP for surviving Stone Edge and winning the game.

DBPokemoo's MVP
For killing Alakazam and a Scarfed Salamence.

The LVP of the Whole Game
Spiritomb is LVP because it did less than forretress, who came in close second. It got mementoed and then stalled by resting and doing 4% Dark Pulses... Sad.​
Needs work, it almost came across jokey. I like having both sides of view but try to go into more detail as to what you are thinking in the moment. (Writing about events that happened in the past as if they are happening in the present is the hardest part of writing a war story, so be careful.) I enjoyed the fact that you were not afraid to show some personality, this makes some war stories dull and boring, but I think you went a little too far. I understand that this is your first time and I will be looking forward your next story.
If magnezone wasn't timid, it would hit 329, one point above a jolly maxspeed staraptor. It's impossible unless the guy wanted to be a harder hitter and also be able to take some hits, so they may have thrown some EVs in HP or the defenses or something and not have focused enough in speed, which is very stupid. OR, they may have thrown an extra EV somewhere else and tied with staraptor.
If magnezone wasn't timid, it would hit 329, one point above a jolly maxspeed staraptor. It's impossible unless the guy wanted to be a harder hitter and also be able to take some hits, so they may have thrown some EVs in HP or the defenses or something and not have focused enough in speed, which is very stupid. OR, they may have thrown an extra EV somewhere else and tied with staraptor.
Or maybe it has Hidden Power Fire which gives it one lower Speed IV. And it does have Hidden Power Fire, because he told us it did...
This battle had a few interesting moments, but it didn't seem like a decent match. The players' Pokemon choices and battle strategies were rather bizarre and didn't make much sense.
Yeah, this wasn't a great battle (at all) unfortunately.

One piece of advice. If you think that the opponents going to switch out, you can't just use a different move hoping to get lucky. Take into account: how much you need your current pokemon, how much the opponent needs their currently out pokemon, which pokemon you've seen, and which pokemon or types would make reasonable switches into the move you'd be expected to use.
Commentary wasn't bad but the battle wasn't very good and the teams were just weird...
6/10, it kept me entertained.

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